Do You Think You Are Crazy and Different?

Who are You? Some Crazy person?

That is an easy question – right? You have a name, you recognize that image in the mirror as being yours, you have papers in your wallet that show you name and address and other proofs of who you are. I know, we all have them.  You think that you know who you are. But I meet people everyday who feel like they are crazy, weird, strange, different and awful. That is because they have forgotten or never knew who they were, in the body that they currently inhabit.

By this I mean, we are all spiritual beings before we become corporeal beings. (you like the big word- it means relating to the body). We were all spiritual beings and then at birth it is like God took a small part of the God energy and injected it into you. So see, you are special just for that reason.

But add to that fact that you probably have lived before, you know things beyond the education and experiences of this current life. I know this sounds crazy, But it is really real.

When I recognize my future clients, they are often surprised that no one has ever recognized that they are beyond special. They are products of God. So they are already perfect but now living lives on earth. That is usually very hard and lonely. So then I tell them about sensitive people and empathic people and I tell them about how they are perfectly normal if they compare themselves to other people with their same spiritual gifts.

The two greatest gifts that I give my clients is that they are normal and not crazy and that I can plug them back into the universal god energy. It is simple when they are ready for it and I know how to make it happy.


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