Monsoons are a way of life when you live in Arizona.

By definition, monsoons are a weather phenomenon we experience about twice a year as seasonal heavy rains in short bursts.  I actually know of people who are invited to attend “Monsoon Parties” to watch the incredible lightening shows that Mother Nature puts on display.

Tucson Monsoon 2018 Outlook: Triple Digit Temps Start Week Picture Source:

This year’s season has already begun.  As I am writing this, I am listening to the rains. I see it as baptismal. A cleaning and clearing of the old spiritual gunk in a very powerful and quick way.

What in your life would YOU like to clean out in a very powerful and quick way?

Are you working in a job that doesn’t satisfy? Are you with a partner that doesn’t satisfy? Do you want to create a life that does?

As an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, I have helped hundreds learn how to cleanse, clean and clear emotional clutter from their lives.

And I encourage you to do the same.

Start by identifying the one area in your life that causes you the most worry. Like monsoon winds, change direction! Ask yourself: “What will create more happiness in my life INSTEAD?” I’ll bet you that you already know what steps to take.

And I’d be happy to guide you in how to take those steps that will not jar or worry or scare you.

You deserve to choose happiness over misery, worry, stress and tension. Those are your choices too.

Together, we will process and heal your underlying pains by driving through them.

Let me help guide you through your torrential rains of life. Discover how to get out of the rain and embrace its rainbows instead.

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So if you live in Arizona embrace this change of weather. Emotionally. Spiritually. Use it as a symbolic catalyst for change. And if you live elsewhere, create a monsoon of life changes. RUN to your rainbows!

Time to love yourself First, Best, and ALWAYS!