How you feel can change your life. How do you feel about yourself today? Do you feel like there is anyone who really understands you? Or wonder if anyone really cares about you at all? This is normal. You benefit from experiencing this. But you just don’t want to stay in this place for too long. Or you will start to attract, self doubt and depression.

Anything that you feel that attacks your self- esteem for longer than a minute is good to think about, question and analyzes and then tell it to go away.

When I use the spiritual gifts that I have to meet with my clients, I share immediately with them the fact that I unconditionally love them. This is shocking to them at first. Because in our western society usually the word or feeling “love” is attached to something. Like I love you because you give me money, or because you support me, or I like having you around. I love people because I am a person. So loving another person – especially a complete stranger is my way of knowing that I love myself. Talking to, listing to and caring about another person is very important to my life.

So when I do a reading, I can usually share and care and sometimes offer a completely different opinion on whatever is being asked of me by my client. I let the love and healing energy flow from the God energy through me to whomever I am speaking with.  Then whatever messages or healing flows and we are both feeling better because of it when we are done.

You need to know that you are a beautiful and amazing creation of God. You may or may not like your physical appearance, how much hair you have lost or weight you have gained. It does not matter. Do not did Gods unique creation which is you. Each of us has a spark of God in our DNA and that will help lift you out of whatever hole you fall into.

Life is about ebb and flow- the in and out of energy and events. Life is hard – it is even harder if you don’t like yourself.

Love Yourself First Best and Always!