I work mainly with clients who are empathic, sensitive, and intuitive. Although they often acknowledge it, they usually seek to keep it on the down low. They try to hide from their spiritual gifts. It ends up disabling them in their daily lives.  A good definition of empathic is someone who feels everyone else’s energy all the time. It just comes to them, and this is usually because they have poor boundaries or no boundaries.  They care so much for other people that they do not know how to say NO. So they go through life helping everyone who crosses their path. This usually wears them out and then actually brings on physical illness and then mental fatigue and distress.

I counsel them on ways to learn how to stop kissing everyone’s a**. But it is an old habit, and they have trouble with that. The word “NO” does not come easily to them.  I teach how to “Love Yourself First, Best and Always,” and this is also also very hard.  These people will give away the shirt off their back or their last dollar to another person in need. Literally, they will love other people to death. Their death.  The friends, family, and lovers will always feel so good absorbing their wonderful energy and will miss them when they are gone.

Combine this with their advancing age (its no secret-it happens every day. lol ) gives them less and less energy to work with. So first, I show them how to access all the abundant energy of the Universe all the time to take care of themselves first and then people they want to help.

This starts with self-protection. Some people can set up mental barriers to help them be in charge of their energy. Some need to use a bubble, bubble wrap fo for the real bleeding hearts need to imagine a full body condom.  Call Rich Schickel @1-520-668-3243 to help recharge your life.