Are You Super Sensitive or Empathic?


Do you even know what those two word mean? Put simply, some people are so spiritually gifted that they can walk into a crowded room and pick up the energy of everyone that they meet. It can be overwhelming and very debilitating. When you know personal and absolutely private things about perfect strangers, it makes you feel strange. It is curious that for years this has happened to make tens of thousands of people, but they were afraid to talk about it. In fact they may have thought that they were weird or strange or even crazy. Has this happened to you?

The work I do helps my clients to remember who they are and why they are here on earth- in the here and now. It gives them so many answers to the many strange and bizarre things that have been happening to them. It usually brings them great relief.

Most people are still very intuitive after birth at least until their baby teeth start to fall out. Then puberty happens, then the usual love, marriage and the baby carriage. Then jobs and life is happening. So intuition usually hides as the person is growing up. Then at age 38 for woman and 40 for men, they start to remember the big question. Why Am I Here? Why do I feel so crazy? Why do I have these strange and crazy abilities?


I may not have all the answers, but what I have I will share with you.