An Angel Just Walked Through My Door and Here is What He Said.

Angels are everywhere – what would happen if you met one?

I was working in my shop where I do psychic readings on 4th Avenue in Tucson, Arizona and in walks this very hurried young man wearing black pants, a white short-sleeved shirt and carrying a briefcase under his arm. I was alone in the shop, my clerk had gone out to get lunch. Then he walked over to me and said- “I have two messages for you from the King of the Universe.” I thought he was a Jehoves Witness or a Mormon Missionary with the way he dressed. So I said, ok, I work with the “King of the Universe,” – what are the messages?

He turned and pointed to the large plate glass store window and said ” that I needed to drop the idea that God was out there somewhere,” as he pointed out the window. He said, “God is right where you are always. When God sits on his throne, you sit on the throne with him. When you sit on your chair, God sits in the chair with you.”

He continued and said that “the King of the Universe has put a spark of his/her/their divinity into each human being. So that God is never apart from us, but we can choose to be apart from God.”

Then he talked about my mission of spiritual hands on healing and said that I could “help people more quickly if I identified the issues that are troubling them and then I could bind those up, vacuum them out and deliver them to the King of the Universe. He continued, “when you do this, you leave a void in them and they are tempted to return to that which hurt them before. So you must replace this with the Love and Light of God.”

He told me “to get what I need, I must become One With God.” and that I need to step up to the fact that I I needed to become the “Co-creator of My Own Destiny. Then he said “We will be watching you.”

Then, like he was late for his next angelic encounter he hurried out the door, I rushed after him to say thank you, but he disappeared as his feet hit the sidewalk.

Then I was thinking about what he just said, and I asked the universe out loud- “How do I start, what do I do?” Then I heard from a very feminine loving energy- Mary? “Just start! There is no wrong way! Just Do It!”

So that is what I do and I manage to help myself and others because I teach this and my motto of Love Yourself First, Best and Always. Call me if you need a boast in your energy to help you move on with your life. Richard Schickel at 520-668-3243.

p.s. Angels look just like you and me.