The Secret to Freedom – Disconnecting From Your Past


CHAPTER 12 from my book Gifts of the Spirit – My Mission As a Healer

Disconnecting from Your Past

Relationships are only dangerous when one person meets another
person and tries to dazzle and delight, capture, confuse and control,
distract and deceive, and then abuse and leave. When a person does
come into your life, you need to use your natural gut feelings (intuition)
to discern why they are there. Ask yourself, “Will the relationship
produce good in my life, either in the short term or long term, or
will it produce something bad?” Not everyone who comes into your
life is good for you, but you have probably already found that out.
Still, they may bring you valuable life lessons that will enrich your soul
experience. Some people seek love where love is not to be found. Love
cannot be found where it does not exist. There is a difference between
being patient with someone and wasting your time.
In life, we all experience strong connections to other people and
then we find that those connections/relationships do not help us, or
no longer serve our highest good. Often those relationships were set
up as ways to resolve past life connections so that you can settle old
karma. You can usually tell when a past life connection has been made.
Often the first time you touch that person or they touch you, you feel
a shock – not a tingle, but a shock, like electricity just passed through
you. Other times, when you first look into the other person’s eyes you
will feel like the world has stopped and it is only you and the other
Richard Schickel
person, you are so captivated by them. This always indicates a negative
past life connection that has come back to you to resolve.
When we speak about etheric cords, the connections that you
cannot see but a gifted intuitive person can see; these are invisible
connections that you have with other people. You can also be corded
to feelings and emotions, to houses, businesses or occupations. If you
are in any connection that would be viewed as codependent in any of
those situations, then it’s time to cut the cord with them. Usually the
attachments are heart to heart, but they can also be spirit to spirit,
physical to physical, physical to heart and physical to mind connection
– all with the same person. There are connections that we all have
with people which are called cords – karmic cords and emotional
chords. Physical and emotional connections can be great blessings or
they can be a call to pay back karmic events. It is as if God puts you
back together with people that you knew earlier to make peace and
resolve your old karma. Often I find that people who have made these
connections and have these joyous reunions are usually rewarded with
about four to six months of amazing connection on all levels. This is
the time God is giving you to resolve old karmic issues you have with
one another. To make peace, respect each other so that you can either
stay together or you part.
As the relationship starts to fall apart, or cave in on itself, there may
be fights, ugly incidents, painful words and much unpleasantness, all
increasing as time moves on. The problem that a lot of people endure
is that instead of seeking to resolve the old, through love and forgiveness,
they incur new karma and karmic debt with the other person.
Instead of resolving the old issues that come from some past life, they
have the old debt plus the new debt that at some point will need to be
taken care of and resolved. It is by your intention that you are able to
resolve karmic debt.
I use the example of a person who may have robbed you in a
past life. So you went over and got your money back, killing them
in the process. This was a negative end to their life connection and
Gifts of the Spirit: My Mission as a Healer
it produced negative karma. If God were to present this person back
into your life with this knowledge, there would be more negative
actions. You would avoid them or be repelled by their energy. That
is why, when you meet them in this life, they seem so attractive. God
is sprinkling magical pixie dust all over everything and making them
look very good. So, God is constantly reintroducing people into your
life that you need to settle your karmic debt with.
Remember you might also have karma simply because of what you
did or failed to do in a past life. For instance, if you were a German
citizen who did nothing to aid people being prosecuted by the German
government during either of the World Wars, you share in that situational
collective karma. Or if you were a part of slave culture and
oppression in America, you share in that racial karma. You do not
always have to be directly involved, or have initiated the event.
You also have cords with people who nourish, love, support, and
protect you in your life. It is important to recognize the circumstances
and which relationship is which. We have many connections with
hundreds, or thousands, of people in our lives. You must recognize that
the relationship will either bear fruit in the form of good things happening
for both of you in your lives, or it will yield pain, suffering and regret.
It is important, even within your family relationships, to have
connections with the person who is really there now, not the memory
or the spirit of the person you knew in some distant past life.
Disconnecting cords can lead to new relationships within existing
relationships or it can lead to those old relationships breaking up. It
allows you to see the other person as they really are in this life and
allows them to see you as you really are in this life. Cutting cords helps
you to keep from getting involved in a 30-year marriage with what
should have been only a brief love affair. Some people come into your
life for a moment, some for a day, some for a year, some for many
years. That is how life works, but it gets messy when we get confused
about how long and for what purpose they are in your life.
In order to dissolve cords, connections or other attachments that
Richard Schickel
you have with a person in your life that is harming you, makes you feel
sad, depressed angry or is driving you crazy, first you must be willing
to forgive them and their conduct towards you. One of the important
indicators of a relationship that has negative cords is that it drains you.
A positive cord with people sustains you. It refreshes your energy at a
very high rate. It gives you life. When you have a positive connection,
it will lead to an exponential increase in your energy.
I can see connections that people have with each other. They are
like long cords, or even chains, that attach sometimes heart to heart,
mind to mind, or sex organs to sex organs. Some cords are no larger
than threads. My procedure for disconnecting cords is outlined
below. It is a procedure for spiritual healing that allows you to release
negative emotions and relationships that no longer serve you. Many
people have ended relationships with swear words and threats, orders
of protection, and lawsuits, but find they are unable to get away from
the person they no longer want in their life. This procedure is a way to
remember and express the love that you once held for the person you
are dissolving cords with, and it offers an opportunity for a clean, new
connection, while releasing you from the bonds of the past and the
chains of misery and suffering with that person.
Disconnection of cords is essential when a relationship starts to
go bad. It allows each person to be reintroduced to each other as they
really are in this life, without animalistic lust or codependent bondage
that you might otherwise feel. You know what I’m talking about — that
crazy in love feeling that yields you nothing but pain and suffering.
You can make cords with people from hugging, kissing, sex, talking
and touching. These cords can be spiritual cords as well as mental;
they can be emotional and physical. Many of the cord disconnections
that I’ve done have been between dating couples and married people,
and also between adult children, their parents and ex-spouses. You
know you need this if you still think about a person or fantasize about
a person who is no longer in your life, or you miss a person who has
mistreated or abused you.
Gifts of the Spirit: My Mission as a Healer
Some clients have also had success doing the Disconnecting Cords
Procedure with new friends, and potential partners and lovers, and
have felt great benefit from it. This allows them to see the new person
as they actually are in this life, without any of the mystery or fascination
that might be left over from past lives. It allows them to build
a trust-based relationship early on.
Since we each have our own vibrational energy, we will attract what
it is we need to attract from other people. But these cords always trip
us up. If you’re corded to someone who is not at your same energy, or
is stronger than you, then you may be connecting with an emotional
vampire, a person who will suck up your energy and use it to strengthen
themselves. Disconnecting cords does not relieve you of legal or moral
obligations you have with someone, though.
No matter how much you love the person you want to disconnect
with, if the connection is bad, then it will stay bad. You are not the
savior of the other person; you are not the person who can heal them
— you can only save yourself or support change in others. There is a
line in the disconnecting cords procedure that we add at the end, “and
any men or women who have used or abused me.” Sometimes it is not
that the person is purposefully cruel to you or seeking revenge on each
other, but that you are both actors in a play. You are together to learn
lessons or resolve old karma and that is it. Anything else is extraneous.
Disconnecting Cords Procedure
One of the greatest gifts and blessings you can do for yourself and for
another person is to disconnect spiritual, emotion, mental, physical and
ethereal cords with them. This allows you to see them as they really are
in the present life. It resolves old karmic connections and debt, and has
been known to change people’s lives and relationships for the better.
Disconnecting means forgiving them, praying for them and turning
them over to God with love. You can also disconnect with your old self,
your old emotions (self-defeating habits, anger, worry, fear, depression
Richard Schickel
and anxiety) and people who have used or abused you.
Over the next three days you will see the person you are blessing in
the Disconnection with new vision that will allow you to see who they
truly are in this life. You will release old feelings, allowing for a fresh
start in the relationship, if you choose.
Begin by asking God to bless and protect all involved in this process.
Then say:
“Please come here in Spirit, ____________” and read your list of
names. You can call them out in spirit since spirit is not attached to
their body.
The person or persons you are blessing will gather in spirit on your
right side. On your left side is the Golden Doorway to Heaven.
Then say:
“I’m doing this with the Love and Light of God.
As I set you free, you must set me free.
No two spirits should hold each other as we have.
Now it’s time to let go.
I undo all that I have created in you.
I owe you nothing and you owe me nothing. All is forgiven.”
Then tell the person you love them and bless them, and anything
else you want to tell them.
Then say:
“I dissolve all cords, contracts, commitments, agreements, vows,
spells, curses and all other karmic connections with love. All connections
between me and ________ (read your list) are null and void.
Remove any resistance and help us to let go.
You are no longer allowed in my energy on any level of my being
unless you come with the Love and Light of God.”
“Anything you do in any way to harm me or those around me will
reflect back to you, and you and that which stands behind you will
absorb all karma.
Whether it be by your actions or the actions of others created by
you, you and that which stands behind you will absorb all karma.”
Gifts of the Spirit: My Mission as a Healer
Then say:
“I let you go, and now undo all that I have created in you. I set you
Then say:
“God – I give you ____ (read the list) – He/She/They are no longer
my responsibility.
Take them where they need to go, to heal and grow.
I will not hold you anymore.
I set you free.
Go into the Light!”
When you feel this has happened, say:
“Amen” or “So Be It” three times.
Then envision a giant bubble around you that protects you from
any reconnection. Stay in the bubble for seven days. Do not discuss
past or emotional issues with the person you are dissolving from. This
will let you decide if you want them in your future.
The cord cutting gives you an opportunity to speak to the person
safely and truthfully, without fear, while they are in Spirit form. You
can say what you need to say, release what you need to release, express
your love for them, and then turn them over to God. It is important
to forgive the other person for whatever they have done against you. I
used to tell people that they needed to forgive, not necessarily forget.
However, that was short-sighted advice because while the forgiving
part usually comes along, it creates another cord. We want to get rid
of all those cords. This is important because once you release, it will
not come up in your memory and is simply becomes part of your past.
The result of not disconnecting cords is what I call baggage, such as
old pains and abuse that you continue to carry around into every new
situation in your life. When I talk about disconnecting from those old
events and leaving all your baggage for God to store and deal with, you
would be amazed how quickly you forget and grow. God can handle
the baggage that you have carried for so long.