2023 will be filled with changes as more and more old racist, sexist, misogynistic, and unequal systems people die and their lies are revealed to the public and exposed to the Light. It will also take the lives of many of the people representing these ideas. It started with Pope Emeritus Benedict, a member of the Hitler Youth Core and an actual Nazi soldier. He represented the old ideas of an elitist Roman Catholic Church that only spoke to God in Latin.  He had a very troubled past and appeared to have let many priests who allegedly committed sexual, mental, and physical abuse get away with it.

He represented a segment of the Church that is no longer valid. Their church has priests who can not ever marry or produce children. So there are fewer and fewer priests every single day. The old Roman Catholic Church for all its money and power, is weak and impotent and is dying.

That is the good news. They have not preached how to be in direct communication with the Christ Energy that connects a person to the heart of the Creator (however you define the Creator.)

You are the person who can access this energy directly. Learn how to love yourself first, best and always will bring a calmness to your mind and body and then you can have great communion with the entity that created trees. Just keep it simple.  Allow the God energy access into your heart! You can do this!

Call Rich Schickel at 520-668-3243 to assistance in reaching inside yourself to find this God energy. There is nothing in your life that you need to hang on to. Not to old ideas, old relationships, old jobs or even soiled family connections with abusive people. Bless them all with my Family Healing Pray and watch your life begin to change.