The desire to change your life usually comes through a transforming experience. Maybe you are sick, depressed, alone, worried or live in fear. Maybe you have just had enough of the attitudes, people and places around you. Or maybe death has visited people close to you.

Whatever the reason, you want to change your life from what it is to something better and healthier. You might have some ideas about what you want in your future, but are not sure how to pursue them.

That can happen if you have a reading with me.  Having a person (like me) who listens to you and attempts to understand you is a transformative experience. You may have a hundred ideas going through your head, but often it takes someone to listen to you. That is what I do, help you to reconnect to your higher self- your soul, your spirit. We will talk about many feelings and emotions that you have. We sort through what has happened to you in your life. I listen to the thoughts coming from the Holy Spirit and I offer encouragement and advice to help you on your path.

Growing is hard. But it is always a blessing to people who choose to move forward in their lives.

If you want to change and cannot find people who understand that desire or worse yet are afraid of you changing, it makes it so much harder on you. Frustration and despair can result and that can kill the process of change.

I want you to be the best “you” that you can be. I am at this very moment surrounding you with unconditional love and my blessings and with that great and productive growth will happen for you as you are ready to receive it.

It all begins when say it begins. Call Rich Schickel today at 520-668-3243 and we can together find the new beginnings that you desire in your future.