I can help you heal. My gifts of the spirit can help you to identify why you are sick and show you the way to recovery and healing. Really all I do is show up, be present and give you everything that the Creator Energy is putting through me.

Yesterday I did a dozen readings and healings at the Doubletree Hotel Ballroom in Tucson, AZ at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair. There was a great and very vibrant energy in the air and it was very exciting to look at pictures of the event and see the white glow of many spiritual orbs.  Google that term and you will be amazed.  They are an indicator that there is a higher, positive energy that is offering us access to it all the time.

I spoke to some people about accessing that energy and I anointed their forehead and palms with Holy Oil that I had prayed over and blessed. This is called being blessed in the Holy Spirit. It is a way to provide easier access to this marvelous and restorative energy that is available for all who acknowledge it and allow it to be received.  I call the method of delivery “the conduit.” Because it is like a pipe that brings energy directly from the heavens into the pursue who is open to receiving it.  Then they may use it to help themselves, to be healed or to help others.

The greatest gift that you can receive to  be open and allow the healing and love this energy will bring into your life.  I told many of my clients that they should figure out how to Just Be and Allow Joy into their lives.  This sounds simple, but it is very complicated.

In order to “just be,” you must turn off your egos desire to direct and control everything in your life, sometimes to your detriment. Just being means losing yourself while watching a flickering candle or sitting in a hot tub, just enjoying the moment. Very difficult for strong willed people.

Then to “allow,” is also very difficult because that implies that something is going to happen that is not directly under your control. This also implies that you are ready to receive  “Joy,” and other good things in your life.

I can help you get started. Call Rich Schickel at 520-668-3243 to get started.